Kemet Aromatics

Kemet seamlessly integrates the therapeutic essence of aromatherapy into modern lifestyles, offering a holistic escape that not only nurtures the body but also rejuvenates the spirit. Welcome to a journey where the ancient and the contemporary meet in a jar. 


"Kemet" is an ancient name for Egypt, derived from the Egyptian language and translates to "the black land" or "the black soil”, referring to the fertile black soil along the Nile River. Originating in Egypt, Aromatherapy, with its roots in ancient civilizations, has gracefully extended its aromatic influence across the globe.

  • Harmony Between Mind and Body

    We formulate using a bouquet of nature’s precious oils and botanicals meant to support your skin and your mental health. Synergies that seamlessly unite with your body nourishing both skin and soul.

  • Preserving with Nature

    We carefully curate our products using natural antioxidants, natural preservatives, and supportive botanical extracts and peptides. Our selection of natural preservatives all play a role in the product while keeping it safe.

  • Botanics and Oils

    We believe that skin is the gate to your overall health. This is why we lean on the essence and benefits of our garden. Each ingredient is chosen with care to enhance your beauty ritual, body wellness, and mental support.